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Using braids on a tea towel

We know thtat we originally developed many of our decorative trimmings and braids for use on window roller blinds, but they can be used on lots of other things too. Here we've added our fabulous bright pom pom trims onto some of our our lovely kitchen tea towels.

teatowels with pompom braid

Our mini pom pom trims are incredibly popular and available in lots of bright colours so thought they were just the thing to add a cheerful splash of colour onto a special tea towel?

We love all our tea towel designs  but adding a bit of extra fun with one of our braids or decorative trimmings really does turn a kitchen essential into something striking and makes it into a great gift or product too!

brighten up a tea towel

This project is really simple

It can be easily completed in an evening or over a weekend. Of course we would like to you to embellish one of our lovely tea towels as we have done, but any that you have in your home would work just the same and our trimmings and braids can be purchased in cut lengths.

Here's what you need for the project:

  • 1 x Tea Towel
  • Approximately 1.5 m of trim. Although we chose to use pom poms there are plenty of other types of trim in our collection (add link)
  • Thread to match the trim
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


We've decorated the two short sides, but you could do one, or all four sides for an even more dramatic look.

Measure the sides of the tea towel you wish to embellish.

Remember to adding an extra 5cm to the total for each side you wish to decorate. This allows for the pom-pom heading tape to be folded under at each corner and for some adjustment should the pom-poms be too close to the edge. Always check your measurement twice, as you don't want to run out!

Pin the pom-pom braid to the tea towel folding approximately 1cm underneath itself. Then tack it in place, by hand, with running stitches.

pinning pompom onto tea towel

Using a thread in a matching colour, sew both edges of the braid into place with a sewing machine. This ensures it's nice and secure and results in a very neat finish.

pinning pompom onto tea towel 2

Carefully pull out your tacking stitches.

Tie off the lose threads and enjoy!

sewing pompom braid onto a tea towel

Here are where we applied chartreuse pompom trimming to our asha tea towels and pompom berry red to family favorite tea towels to good effect!

sewing pompom braid onto a tea towel 2

asha tea towels with chartreuse pompom braid

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