domicet softroll spring blind system

Domicet softroll spring blind systems

Domicet of Finland are world leaders in making the finest traditional spring roller blind systems. Their springs are silent and smooth, coming with integrated speed reducers and optional limiters to let you set the exact point where your blind stops. Coming in 17mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm and 32mm sizes makes them perfect for any home or office window.

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20mm SoftRoller® limiter 524 20 010
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silver slotted SoftRoller® bracket 531 25 011
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silver spring end SoftRoller® bracket 531 25 041
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universal spring end domicet bracket in white
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silver pin end SoftRoller® bracket 531 25 021
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white slotted SoftRoller® bracket 531 25 010
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universal pin end domicet bracket white
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cream bracket cover 531 25 102
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black bracket cover 531 25 104
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silver bracket cover 531 25 xxx
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white bracket cover 531 25 100
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Why choose Domicet SoftRoller blind hardware?

Domicet are a renown Finnish engineering company who have been leaders in innovative spring roller blind hardware for decades. 

Their latest SoftRoller® spring system incorporates a smooth and silent integrated speed reducer that's guaranteed to make your blind go up and down beautifully, consistantly and for a very long time.

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Can SoftRoller® systems be used in both domestic and commercial situations?

Domicet have designed and engineered their precision spring systems for both residential and commercial applications and will last for years.  

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